Pecha Kucha

Here is the link to my Pecha Kucha for my final project in EDC 534. I do have to say that I struggled immensely with being succinct (I carried over to the next slide often, whoops!). Enjoy!


Copyright and Fair Use Reading Response

  Prior to this class, admittedly I did not have a clear idea of what constitutes fair use. When it came to copyright, I would label myself as a teacher that would hyper-comply. After reviewing the materials this week, I have gained a new appreciation for Fair Use and the freedoms of the creative process … Continue reading Copyright and Fair Use Reading Response

Representational Ideologies Infographic

After completing this week's assigned readings, I decided to focus on the chapter from Patricia Lang's Kids on YouTube: Technical Identities and digital literacies. I created an infographic from ideas I gleaned from the reading.   Lange, P. (2014). Representational Ideologies. (Chapter 6). Kids on YouTube: Technical Identities and digital literacies (pp. 157 – 188). Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast … Continue reading Representational Ideologies Infographic

Digital Literacy and Fake News

     The term literacy has evolved in recent years as technology re-defines what it means to be literate. The traditional definition of literacy, being able to read and write, is outdated in our ever growing technological society. Digital literacy has evolved from the early stages of the internet, also known as Web 1.0. The former meaning … Continue reading Digital Literacy and Fake News

Reimagining Classroom Practices in the Age of Digital Media

A reflection of the Summer Institute of Digital Literacy

From PD to Practice

The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy was fantastic. During this week, my perceptions of digital literacy changed completely. I went into the Summer Institute with the mindset that I would use this opportunity to learn how to use new digital tools. By the end of the week, I learned how to create a digital environment which fosters opportunities for deeper learning.

With so much taken in from the week, I decided to focus on a few things that I could adapt for my classroom. The first, teaching students how to evaluate media. We often assume students are great at navigating digital resources because they have been immersed in technology their entire life. However, students often lack the evaluative tools when assessing media. That is why I took the “Key Questions of Media Literacy” that Renee Hobbs presented during the week, and created a classroom poster of the questionsthat hangs…

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